How to Get involved

The best way to be part of the solution and make a difference is to complete one of our certified training programs, sponsor a training or trainee, or join our community.

Become a Certified Recovery Specialist

As an IRI Certified Recovery Specialist, you will have the opportunity to make a huge difference in your own life, organization or community. By learning and practicing the skills, you will give others the opportunity to empower themselves


Interested in sponsoring any of our training events? Our sponsors help offset the cost of venue, materials, and registration fees.  Sponsorships support learning, growth and development of our students to cover the costs where willingness and commitment to recovery are overshadowed by the lack of funds and resources.

Become an IRI Certified Facility

Become an IRI-Certified Facility!  Let us come to your facility to train your staff as recovery specialists.  Includes an initial meeting with the director,  3-day on-site training, inclusion in consultation calls, an onsite assessment visit at 3-6 months post-training, and access to a supervisory support group to discuss cases.