Amy Andrews


With over 20 years of administrative experience, Amy is an efficient, hard-working, self-starting backbone to IRI’s training and development. Capable of wearing many hats 
at once, her work ethic and attention to detail is showcased in her role as Administrative Coordinator.

Having been married to a military man for 16 years, she is adept at going with the flow, staying organized in times of stress and disarray, and remaining independent when it would be easy to fade into the background. Traveling around the world has given Amy vast experiences, novel viewpoints and exciting challenges most people only dream of. And the obstacles of moving often and adjusting to new cultures has only enhanced her flexibility in all job environments and her willingness to try new work endeavors.

Amy loves learning, and takes every opportunity to continue her education, or even problem solve her way to learning new skills. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. Her self-proclaimed super power is “Googling”!

Her education history showcases only a snapshot of the skills and knowledge she has gained. Even the time she spent as a stay at home mom afforded her the chance to learn more about superheroes and Star Wars than she ever thought necessary!

Today, you can find Amy leading her family of boys, orchestrating the tasks of running a household, and leading a team through her home-based entrepreneur business. She also spends her days helping local small businesses stay relevant during the pandemic, serving her community through her church and volunteer opportunities, and learning the ever-changing role of administration in a virtual world.

When she’s not behind her laptop cranking out google docs, behind her stove cooking up meals for needy families, or behind her camera videoing her boys’ football games, you can find Amy covered in sawdust as she enjoys her new hobby of building farmhouse furniture in her garage.