why become a recovery specialist

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela


Establish Credibility with Certification

An IRI Certified Recovery Specialist will complete all educational, experiential, and clinical components of the IRI curriculum. Take your skills to a professional level with a nationally accredited certificate!

Broaden your education

Recovery Specialist training awards students with 24 Continuing Education Hours in Ethics and Recovery Specialist Theory and Practice. Continuing education unit credits can positively impact your career and also have a profound impact on your personal growth journey.

Certification that Fits your Lifestyle

A Recovery Specialist can provide services to clients and families within a treatment setting, in a client’s home, in the community, or while traveling. A skill that goes where you go! Once certified, you can find work as a: Peer Recovery Specialist, Sober Coach, Sober Companion, Personal Recovery Assistant, Transport (Safe Passage), Family Support Specialist, Case Manager, and more!

Substance Abuse is on the Rise

Why do we need Recovery Specialists? Substance use and mental health disorders are on the rise and people in need can benefit from professional support. Substance use disorders affect all economic classes and all age groups across the US. There has never been a great need for Recovery Specialists than in today’s climate!

Help others and Make a Difference

Not only do you get to help those struggling with addiction every day, but you also get to see the difference you make. When these patients begin to learn that there’s more to life than these substances, you know you helped them with that.  A primary goal of this training is to change the prevailing paradigm of addiction and mental illness, providing a new language that removes blame, shame, guilt and stigma, changing the perspective on the condition and the role and relevance of families.


one training - lots of possibilities

A Certified Recovery Specialist is trained in practical application, personal characteristics, ethical standards, legal issues, and best practices for individuals and family of those afflicted with substance abuse, addiction or mental health disorders.

Recovery Coach Services vary from living with clients 24 hours a day for predetermined consecutive days, to seeing clients several times a week for an undetermined length of time, to being involved with clients only for the purpose of skills building and case management.

The International Recovery Institute (IRI) Certified Recovery Specialist Training provides further information and instruction on these and other factors.  Completion of this course prepares individuals who work as Recovery Specialists or who wish to work in this field to live with clients, promote recovery autonomy, and do no harm.

Certification will provide future employers, treatment professionals, clients, and client’s families with a level of expertise and professionalism.  Standards can then be established to create research dedicated to improving substance abuse, addiction, and mental health relapse rates.