I have been blown away by the amount of knowledge and experience they shared with us over the course of 5 days. What a fabulous course for anyone that wants to work in the recovery field. I am so glad to have taken this course and look forward to putting it to use in the world. -Jane,CPCC,  Parent & Family Coach

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provided this past week, not just for myself but all of us. I have met some incredible new colleagues which I am confident that our relationships will continue. Your course was relevant rich in content, and I loved your learning style. Although the curriculum was dense, (which is great) and I have I have walked away with clarity about my work moving forward. I will be formally applying to Arise and Hired Power, shortly. You bring a much-needed integrity to the addiction and recovery industry with a level of professionalism which is needed to protect vulnerable clients and their families. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and to be able to learn from two incredible mentors like you. I too am keen on making an impact in this industry and look forward to continuing to learn from you both. -Jeanne D. Foot, C.C.A.C.

Thank you for your kind, thoughtful, and compassionate tutelage last week in Austin. I gained invaluable insight in the realm of the recovery specialist. I look forward to perhaps one day learning more from you and even working in concert. -Todd

I have been to millions of training’s since I started in this field over 30 years ago and I can’t remember many that were as interesting, well presented and valuable as this. Thank you so much and I look forward to Level 2. It is a pleasure to be with such smart, personable and fun women. -Nancy, CCDC, NCAC II, Therapist

IRI was able to transmit large amounts of material and knowledge in a clear and cogent manner. I came away from their training with a much deeper appreciation of the importance of family history’s role in addiction. I can see how using the information I have learned at IRI will greatly help me support my clients to overcome many obstacles that they face in recovery. -Doug, Recovery Specialists

A vitally important training to create a foundation of ethics and professional practices that will raise the standards and international respect of the industry. Also provides the specialist with a foundation of tools, ethics and practices to not only make them more confident internally but very effective with their clients and future clients in order to support growth and true whole recovery. -Philip, Recovery Specialist

Nanette and Judith are extremely empowering professionals filled with tons of knowledge and love. I now feel extremely confident and excited to bring everything I learned the last 5 days into my life. Thank you for creating the International Recovery Institute training course. -Devon, CASAC-T, Recovery Specialist

Thank you Nanette and Judith for loving your work and sharing it with us! Beginning to work in this field and already a big fan of Judith’s I knew I had to be here for this training when she shared it with me. My personal goal is to always learn and grow in professional efficacy so that I can better help my clients and their families, with ethics, skills and ease. I look forward to continuing to train and work with you all, again, thank you for you passion. -Adrian, Interventionist Recovery guides

Have you ever wanted a crash course in becoming a recovery Specialist? Look no further! The amount of information and implementable skills and tools learned in 5 days blew me away. Though I know I will need further training and practice, I feel competent that I could start working with clients with supervision and a string team. -Shanti Patty- Relationship Coach

This training is a critical depth of knowledge that needs to be enforced by any person/company providing individual client services. The information and correlation of application is unlike any other I have trained or certified in, 20 years experience. the individual parts are imperative but showing the purpose and marriage of them for the service of the client is incredible. -Brandi- SUDC , Recovery Specialist

I am actively working as a Recovery Specialist. I was thrilled and excited by the quality, depth and breadth of the course. I would consider it an honor to be lead by each of them any day. I would tell anyone I love to trust them with the life of someone they love! They have changed the business, set new standards and put the bar for Recovery Coaching where it needs to be. If you hire a Recovery Specialist you need to know if they are trained by IRI! -Christine- CASA-T, Recovery Coach

This was the training I have been waiting for… all the elements of what Recovery Specialists need to know! Totally comprehensive. Training was presented in a fun, engaging and always interesting way. All the blanks have been filled in now! -Christopher, Recovery Specialist

I just spent 5 days training with the International Recovery Institute it was very intense, detailed course. No stone was left un-turned, I feel full of new information to help my clients. It was truly an inspiring week! The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and fun. -Zara, Arise Interventionist, Recovery Coach

The IRI Certified Recovery Specialist, Level 1 Training recently given in Long Beach, California was informative, insightful, creatively delivered, thought provoking and altogether enjoyable. As a viable component of addiction treatment the curriculum focuses on, where have come from historically, challenges our current knowledge and methodologies but, most importantly the direction we are going towards legitimacy and valorization. As a seasoned professional in the field of 15 years, we are long overdue for an ethical industry standard of this caliber to be set and available to those of us with vast experience or newly entering the field. Empowering us to approach this profession with confidence in a continuum of care that would be an asset to any client and or clinical team at any level of treatment. The balance of history, theory, cooperation, definition, practicality, legalities, ethical behaviors and self regulation within this curriculum was seamlessly melded together through our instructors vast experiential knowledge. After completing the Level 1 Training, it is my opinion that anyone interested in, working as, working with or simply understanding the valuable resource of a Recovery Specialist can benefit from the training offered by IRI. With that, a fond thank you for the time, energy and forward thinking required to compile such an educational body of work. Truly I am looking forward to enrolling in the Advanced Levels and Specialties education to come. -Robert G Wells

This training was incredible! And a lot more than I had hoped/anticipated it to be. As a licensed professional in this industry for over 12 years, I left the training with invaluable information learned.

The expertise and knowledge that these three professional women share in book and personal application is unmatched by any other I have experienced. The information is crucial for anyone working one on one with addiction/ mental health clients outside of a “typical “treatment setting. I left with 5 (full days) of intense lecture and experiential training. I have gained new tools and a skillset that is essential in working as Recovery Specialist. As a professional it is my opinion that no one should be working in this role without the formal training received in this course. It was one of the best professional investments I have made. -Jill Nugent CADCII, BRI-1, ICRC, CIP

Genuinely enjoyed the training process. The knowledge & skills gained, the relationships formed and the overall good that came out of the program exceeded my expectations -Luke Gane

I absolutely enjoyed this experience. It truly opened my mind to other opportunities available in this field. Thank you ladies, you are so inspiring! -Katie S.

I loved this course! I think the IRI Recovery Specialist training is an essential component to being a successful coach. The level of intelligence and knowledge brought to us by the experts is invaluable. By taking this course, you will step up and elevate your peers to peers counseling experience and transform into a full blown Certified Recovery Specialist! -Emily Bush

After taking the Recovery Specialist course I feel much stronger in this field. The course was instrumental in laying down the ground work and format to follow with many specific skills needed. -Jules

I loved the training- I learned so much- boundaries, ethics, harm reduction, and so much more.

Amazing trainers, awesome Program! Definitely worth the time and monetary investment. -Gwen Stone Ortiz

I was so impressed by the training and trainers. I absolutely recommend the International Recovery Institute to friends and colleagues interested in working in the recovery field. -Carlie Aliotta

This training has not only reinforced what I already know as a working Recovery Specialist, it has given me new tools and confidence in my ability to implement them! -Dufflyn Lammers