Poppy Carmelo


is currently the Director of Client Services at Hired Power, and Recovery Specialist Certification trainer for IRI.  She is a compassionate and resilient individual with a remarkable16-year tenure in the behavioral health field.  Her extensive expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including direct client care services, employee management, licensing, accreditation, and performance improvement. Poppy holds certifications as an internationally certified substance use disorder counselor, CADC II, CRS (Certified Recovery Specialist), and CPIT (Certified Prevention Intervention Trainer). Throughout her career in healthcare organizations, she has flourished in diverse positions, from Case Manager and Program Director to Executive Director and Corporate Director of Quality and Compliance. Notably, she also brings over a decade of experience from the hotel and hospitality industry, where she honed her skills in coaching and team management.

As an addiction and mental health advocate, Poppy actively participates in and facilitates training sessions that shed light on emerging trends in the realms of recovery, wellness, client care services, and healing arts. She has dedicated her life to being a source of healing for the heart, mind, body, and soul. Drawing on history, experience, and continuing education, she possesses an invaluable familiarity and shared understanding when working with individuals and their families. Her ultimate goal is to touch the lives of those she encounters and empower them to create a more conscious existence.

Poppy’s commitment to personal growth is evident in her continuous pursuit of  knowledge. In addition to her educational background in addiction and trauma, she has recently delved into various healing disciplines, obtaining training and certifications in areas such as Life Coaching, Compassion Fatigue, Mindfulness, and Meditation.

In meeting Poppy, you will discover a remarkable individual whose compassion and strength shine through in all aspects of her life. Born and raised in Northern California, Poppy finds solace in immersing herself in nature, whether it’s indulging in a thought-provoking Netflix binge or embarking on rejuvenating hikes and river walks. Above all, she is devoted to fostering an open forum for compassion and healing, one human experience at a timet